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Howdy SPA GIRL ladies!!

We pray your 2019 is going well as we gear up for our 7th Anniversary SPA GIRL TRI San Antonio race-cation weekend at the lovely JW Marriott. We’re stoked & grateful about y’all joining us. So let the Racing, Relaxing & Rejuvenating begin!!


Packet Pickup/EXPOTIQUE: Friday, September 20 from 2-7:30 PM in & around the SUNDAY HOUSE on Event Lawn 1 (Transition Area). Our creative EXPOTIQUE shopping experience will have the usual festive vendors to assist y’all with everything you need SPA GIRL & possibly even some SPA GIRL Gear (Sunday House is to the left of the Main Lobby just BEHIND Starbucks). Weather forecast looks nice!


Race Information Meeting (NOT mandatory but helpful): Friday, Sept 20, at 7:30 in the Baron’s Ballroom.
Q&A session after as well to alleviate any concerns, stress or misconceptions. After you get your Race Packet, please put your bike sticker on your bike and proceed to the Bike Check at the entrance to the Transition Area. We will have overnight bike security for your bikes. A simple bike check up at your local bike shop is always good on Race Week before you arrive at the SPA GIRL TRI. When you receive your Race 
Packet, you will get a Race Bib with your number on it. Please place this on the front of your outfit FOR THE RUN ONLY. We’ll be able to recognize you on the swim & bike with your race number tatoos. Some pin their race bibs on their shirts for the run while others buy a race bib belt. Your bike sticker will go on your bike so you can collect it after the last rider comes in during the race. You will need to pick up your Timing Chip (ankle strap & device that gives you your time for the race) on RACE DAY located at the Transition Area Exit on the way to the Finish Line lawn PRE-RACE MEETING. (RELAY TEAM MEMBERS hand off their Timing Chip strap to their teammates in the Transition Area BETWEEN LEGS OF THE RACE) You will set up your other gear on RACE DAY MORNING beginning at 5 AM.

The JW Marriott San Antonio Resort & Spa has several nice restaurants open on Friday evening. Those in need of Saturday morning energy, Starbuck’s will open very early on Race Day for y’all at 5AM and Cibolo Moon along with the River Top Cafe within the Pool Area at 6:30AM. (this is also a good spot for family members to grab a bite to eat)

––– RACE DAY SEPT 21 ––––


If parked in parking lot and bike course is still active you WILL NOT be able to leave resort until it is safe to do so/bike portion is over.

Spectators can view the swim portion on the South End of the Lazy River by the Main Pool Entrance. Please remind your throngs of family & friend fans to STAY OFF the course from the lazy river to the back pool gate!! Thanks!


Transition Area Opens @ 5 am on Event Lawn 1 (just behind Starbucks).

Your race & post race gear can be safely left in the Transition Area just underneath your already racked bicycle. Please pack this gear tightly together under your bike so as to share scarce transition space with your SPA GIRL neighbor.

Bikes will already be checked into the TRANSITION AREA. You can ONLY check your bike in on FRIDAY (only a few emergency exceptions are allowed so we can start ON TIME). Please ONLY participants in our Transition Area. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

You WILL NOT be able to get your bike out of transition until the last racer in the bike portion of the race has started the run. Please do not ask our volunteers or get mad at them when they tell you no.  This is for safety of all and a smooth race. 

BE SURE TO PICK UP YOUR TIMING CHIP RIGHT OUTSIDE TRANSITION AREA on the way to the Pre-Race Meeting. The cool guys from AUSTIN TRI CYCLIST will AGAIN be kind enough to assist any bike issues (be sure to air up your own tires & put your gearing in a REALLY easy soft pedaling gear BEFORE you rack your bike on Friday). DO NOT FORGET YOUR HELMET.


THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO USE OF IPODS/earbuds, ETC. DURING THE BIKE. If you are using a phone for pacing that is fine, but no music on the Bike. We need your best safety asset, your hearing, to be completely alert in case we need to direct you OR get your attention for any reason safety or otherwise. Please listen and use all the Volunteers & Deputies out there for your assistance. They will be placed to help guide you and to also respect the resort.



 – 6:45AM on Finish Line – Main Event Lawn near Main Lobby lounge & water fall display. Please proceed to Finish Line Area for Race Day Instructions, Prayer & National Anthem. You will be broken up into FOUR groups based upon your colored wristband, which is indicative of the swim 
pace you gave us; thus, you will be seeded accordingly by your speed and led in the MAIN POOL ENTRANCE by a SPA GIRL staffer next to the resort.

Super Race Starts @ 7AM SHARP!

BATHROOMS: There are lots of fine ladies bathrooms throughout the entire JW Marriott Resort for your pre-race needs. The pool area has TWO bathroom buildings near the Water Slides and over on the far EAST (right) end by the Lazy River. During The Race itself there will be 2 port-o-potties just North of Transition between the Bike Out/In AND Run Out.

(small field of less than 70 triathletes) – meet for your pre-race meeting at 6:15AM at Swim Exit near the base of the tall water slide. (See graphic.) ONLY Sprint racers will go in the pool this way!!*** Your extended festive race experience goes off at 6:30AM & has 2 laps in the Swim, 3 laps on the Bike & a 5k Run.



SWIM: Race begins with a Time Trial Start whereby one swimmer will enter immediately after the other into the Lazy River down the stairs by the bridge. Once you start, please stay to the right or middle unless passing. You will do ONE LAP (400 meters) counter-clockwise in the Lazy River & exit the same set of stairs & U-TURN onto the bridge and exit the pool area via the back (North) gate.

**There will be NO running or jogging JUST WALKING until you exit the pool area** (SAFETY FIRST!!)

To respect the resort and their sold out status, there will be no swim towels available during the race. It creates too many issues for them to be ready for other guests after we are finished in the lazy river. So please bring your own towel if you really need one..usually ladies just dry off as they are transitioning to their bike.

BIKE: Once in the Transition Area grab your bike gear, HELMET & bike. PLEASE PLEASE strap your bike helmet on BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING!!!! Walk or jog your bike out the BIKE OUT onto the cart path. **BE CAREFUL NOT TO SLIP ON CART PATH ** (It’s 100 yards and short off road carpeted section) to the Parking Lot where MOUNT LINE is located. DO NOT MOUNT YOUR BIKE UNTIL YOU PASS THIS LINE. Once you are on your bike thru the short parking lot section to the STEEP DOWNHILL, PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL GOING DOWN THIS HILL because you will be making a SHARP RIGHT TURN onto Resort Pkwy. You will then speed down Resort Pkwy and then head back around to the 4-Way Stop Sign. RIGHT onto Marriott Pkwy and up a gradual hill. Once you reach TPC Pkwy, you will turn LEFT and go downhill towards Resort Pkwy then U-TURN (***SLOW DOWN & BE CAREFUL***) into the opposite lane to go uphill. This 2-lane section of TPC Pkwy will have 2-way bike traffic so BE CAREFUL. Please STAY RIGHT unless passing. We will have lots of new triathlete participants SO PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH EACH OTHER. ONLY PASS ON THE LEFT side of your lane. Be vocal about passing other athletes to let them know where you are, “ON YOUR LEFT” etc. Then it’s RIGHT onto Marriott Pkwy to the 4-Way Stop Sign. Then LEFT onto Resort Pkwy for your 2nd Lap. Please heed any Bexar County Deputy instructions. They are out there for your safety. Once you finish your 2nd Lap get in the Right Lane on Resort Pkwy and HEAD UP that original downhill (sorry it’s uphill now to keep y’all safely away from other Resort traffic) and back to the Transition Area.

RUN: Rack your bike properly & put on your run gear after taking off your bike gear. Head to the RUN OUT exit towards the cart path that takes you back towards the pool area. PLEASE STAY LEFT on the cart path. You will pass the pool exit and keep going towards the the BRAND NEW pool area where you’ll enter a large gate on the right & turn left SHARPLY so please GO SLOW here cuz of sunshades & kids sand play area. Next, you’ll exit this area through a smaller double gate & head right. The run route will be well marked with handsome Air Force volunteers and spectators. Once you pass the Golf Clubhouse, you will run down the Clubhouse driveway onto the sidewalk taking you to that 4- Way Stop Sign. You will continue to stay on the LEFT side of the sidewalk and onto the Resort Pkwy sidewalk all the way down to the tree turnaround. We will have a Water Aid Station at the Transition Area exit to begin the Run and at Mile 1 of your 2 Mile Run. Once you turnaround on the sidewalk on Resort Pkwy, you will head back to the 4-Way Stop Sign and up Marriott Pkwy sidewalk towards the Golf Clubhouse and back onto the Golf Cart path while staying LEFT. You will go around the Pool Area to the Finish Line. Have fun!!! Smile for your FREE Race Photos and your adoring fans ;-).

POST RACE PARTY: You will be treated to some fresh yummy mimosas (sorry limit one please until everyone has been served), delicious quiche lorraine/cheese, fresh fruit boats, homemade tea cakes and all sorts of yummy treats. Food & drinks ONLY FOR PARTICIPANTS. Thank you for your understanding. JW Marriott will have food & beverages for your friends, family & fans for purchase.

RESULTS: You can see your race times & splits on the timing trailer monitors near the Finish Line.

FREE Race Photos: Please be sure to smile for all of our professional photog’s

out on course to capture every bit of your AMAZING Spa Girl Tri experience. These sweet pix should be available mid-week & will be emailed to you with a link as well as posted on our race site & FB page. Spectators, please stay off all cart paths and ESPECIALLY the golf course which are part of the race and especially when watching the swim…DO NOT sit in or walk in any vegetation around the pool area or on the walls. We appreciate your assistance & support. HAVE A GREAT RACE!!!

+Michael & Janelle

P.S. 2020 Discounted Early Bird Registration will open Saturday evening.